We're all pretty familiar with the recycling bin on our computer's desktop - but did you know that deleting an item from your computer doesn't actually erase the data? Using only free utilities available on the Internet, anyone with access to your computer can easily recover files which we are led to believe have been permanently deleted.

People also fall victim to the belief that wiping a hard drive or using an FDISK command erases data as it partitions the hard drive. This is simply not true as there is still still ways to retrieve the data by using a variety of other software programs though these typically require the knowledge of a more advanced computer user to work successfully.

Recently, two MIT graduates tested out these recovery methods after buying hard drives off the secondary market. During their endeavor they found medical records, love letters, pornography, and thousands of credit card numbers.
The only way to ensure proper destruction is to have it kept under lock and key until all data is destructed which is what we offer for your protection.
Please contact us for pricing on hard drive shredding, as it may differ on the amount of items you have. We supply an authentic Certificate of Destruction for all hard drives and data devices at a low cost.